Verdict : How DixXband loved jazz

On November 20th, in Kaunas Philharmonic Dixieland group of the city showed how much they love mister jazz by presenting their new program „I Love Jazz“. After dashy-jacketed and festively minded musicians entered into the hall and hearing introductory drum stick beatings, I immediately have the urge to take out a loan and set up DixXband club at Laisvės Avenue. Where would “live” this team, party together with the audience throughout the evening and night, love jazz, blues and Dixieland. But as beautiful men on the stage did not allowed to dream, I had to go back to the presentation of a moody program „I Love Jazz“.

As for beginning it is appropriate to introduce a bit of orchestral statistics indicating what kind of instrument (-s) is held. So Kristina Svolkinaitė – vocals , Tomas Razmus – saxophone , Mantas Liutikas – keyboards , Andrius Daugirdas – bass guitar , Evaldas Andziulis – drums , Mindaugas Paulikas – guitar / banjo, Remigijus Terminas – trombone and Raimundas Arnašius – trumpet / flugelhorn . The ensemble’s guest concert was Žygimantas Razmus a clarinetist and saxophonist in one.

In the first part of the concert the musicians played some pieces alone and after that they took to their party singer Kristina Svolkinaitė who is well known for jazz lovers. Together with this singer who wore a nice blue dress we travelled through the cities of America. In New Orleans streets we listened the musical stories of ordinary people. It sounded in popular compositions such as „Stompin‘ at the Savoy“, „One for my babay“, „Basin street blues“, „Just you Just me“ and others.


“How it was”- you would ask.

“It was charming”-I would say.


Really quite a wide range artist and she improvised carefully and free at the same time. Of course, freedom in jazz is like an air outside- insatiable it never will be too much. In the performance of Kristina Svolkinaitė sometime noticeable affords never disturbs. On the contrary, it reflects professionalism that was got in the papa’s Stepas Januška classes and the coming clear her own jazz position. In my opinion beside pleasant to an ear composition performance major public like and suited with K. Svolkinaitė words meeting us with the story of every composition said before the piece. Those who understands English poor or don’t understand at all should felt very pleased.

After the break in stage showed the Lithuanian jazz in English guru Stepas Januška himself. Sparkling and colourful irreplaceable band “Studija” leader immediately went to the improvised “conspiracy” with DixX band. Hardly it would be a new if I write that this jazz luminary from Klaipėda, holding extremely delicate musical stance, very freely, playfully improvises, cheering and throwing his voice, achieves a wonderful mix of improvisational and glittering figurines. Stepas Januška’s musical and personal charm stems from formed based and apparently continued enhancements in its own style.

I have to mention the evening guest Žygimantas Razmus. For my spoiled eye from all members DixXband he appeared the most relaxed. In addition to a superb instrument (both clarinet and saxophone) control, a master play, for him could be added a phrase often heard as a valuation: „He feels free in a scene”. Given Ž. Razmus professionalism can wish the remaining few kilometres in music and soon he will shake the hand for B. Goodman.

In these bright, lovely concerts time passes fast. And although at this point I want to write „sorry, it is possible faster!“, but it is hard to write because DixXband makes smile, and involved into the vortex of fast music, even stronger to wait for the other ensemble performances.

Rasa Biveinytė