About The Band

The dixieland “DixXband“ is traditional of jazz band -  we play New Orleans, Chicago, Hot jazz, Rockenroll style music  and popular Vintage Jazz.

Kaunas Dixieland DixXband and its rhythmic music take the audience to the streets of New Orleans and Chicago, where traditional jazz, Dixieland, swing and its styles originated from.

You can witness Dixieland bands and jazz performers on the streets and bridges in many places all over the world. This music has been created for freedom and it thus sounds the best in open spaces, nature, cafes and town squares, granting the impression of being free for all listeners. Dixieland music is rhythmic and its classical charm is only supplemented by its vintage texture. In the modern world, it sounds like a valuable piece of vintage that one wishes to protect and indulge in.


Kaunas Dixieland DixXband is highly revered and welcome not only by Lithuanian but also foreign jazz festival lovers. Their performances include participation in tens of jazz festivals and they have garnered great appreciation from the audience. The band had its first performance in 2003 at Kaunas State Philharmonic Society. Not long after it, the band recorded its first CD titled A dose of the Right Music at the Lithuanian National Television and Radio. In 2008, the band recorded their second album titled SingSwing at the jazz festival held in Birštonas.

Kaunas Dixieland DixXband won the Grand Prix for performing the Anthem of Europe in the style of New Orleans Jazz (arranged by Rimantas Giedraitis) and the public appreciation at the Euro Jazz Festival and Competition held in 2007.


Kaunas Dixieland DixXband has these members: Vaiva Venslovienė (vocal), Raimundas Arnašius (trumpet), Tomas Razmus (tenor / soprano, saxophone), Remigijus Terminas (trombone), Mantas Liutikas (keyboard instruments), Mindaugas Paulikas (guitar), Simonas Remeika (tuba/boss guitar) and Evaldas Andziulis (drums). The band is happy to have their own regular audience and say that their main goal is to preserve and promote traditional jazz. 


Jazz festivals &  concerts -  ”Jazz Day in Tauragė 2017” (Jam session), "Kaunas jazz/jazz street 2017 (with "The BrassBees"), "Rybnik Jazz Festiwal  2015" Poland, "Starptautiskais diksilendu mūzikas festivāls 2014" Latvia, "Baszta Jazz Festiwal 2011" Poland,  "XVI Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival 2010", "Birštonas Jazz 2010", "Birštonas Jazz 2008",  "Euro jazz 2007", Rueil-Malmaison, France, "Vilnius City Jazz"  2007 (Jam session), "Vinica jazz festival 2006" Ukraina, "Mazurian Jazz Fiesta - Gizycko 2006" Poland, Dixieland music festival „Druskininkai band 2006“, Druskininkai, Dixieland and bigband  festival „Vilnius Band 2003“ .




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